Laboratory and office areas are cleaned by Facilities on a regular basis.

General laboratory and office areas are cleaned on a regular schedule. This is part of general upkeep, and should not incur any additional charges. This will include services such as:

  • Sweeping and mopping of floors
  • Emptying regular (NOT red bin) trash
  • Stripping and re-waxing of floors every 1-2 years

To ensure that lab spaces are cleaned, please ensure the floor is kept clear. Rooms with restricted access (higher biosafety level, etc.) may not be subject to regular cleaning. Your department administrator can work with Facilities to determine which rooms should receive standard services.

Deeper cleanings, such as washing of windows, dusting of shelves, more frequent floor cleanings, etc. may be requested for a fee. A work order can be submitted for these requests.

If your lab/office space is not being cleaned appropriately, please contact your department/divisional administrator.