Core Facilities and Shared Resources

Core facilities are shared scientific resources that enable cutting-edge methodologies and/or provide fundamental scientific services to the entire VP&S community.

Shared scientific resources at VP&S fall into two categories: "Institutional Core Facilities" and "Shared Resources."

Institutional Core Facilities

VP&S recognizes shared resources that serve as centers of scientific excellence and facilitate the growth of research across VP&S as "Institutional Cores." VP&S Cores are evaluated on several specific criteria each year, but in general, Institutional Cores are:

  • Open to use by all VP&S affiliates, regardless of their departmental affiliation;
  • Professionally staffed and operated;
  • Responsive to user requests and needs; and
  • Share their expertise by providing users with training and consultation on experimental design

A full list of Institutional Cores can be found on the public VP&S website. Contact information for each core is provided.

If there are any difficulties in accessing the services of an Institutional Core, please contact the Office for Research.

Shared Resources

"Shared resources" are scientific services that are provided to multiple users on a shared basis. Although these services are intended for use by multiple PIs, they may only be available to members of specific departments, members of specific grants, or relevant to particular areas of research. Interested users will need to visit the shared resource website or contact the manager/director of a shared resource to determine whether services are openly accessible.

Shared services are also listed on the public VP&S website (under a different category).