Freezer Maintenance and Repair

Proper freezer maintenance will add life to your freezer, save time spent searching for contents, and reduce energy consumption.  When repairs are needed, using the Columbia preferred vendor will expedite the process so your freezer will be returned and functioning as quickly as possible.

Freezer Repairs

Technician works on refrigerator

To expedite repairs of failed freezers, it is recommended that PIs utilize the preferred vendor, A&L Scientific (either directly or through Fisher Scientific), as POs generated from preferred vendors will receive expedited approval from the Purchasing Office.

A&L Scientific
Phone: (718) 756-8100
Email: [email protected]
88-05 76th Ave
Glendale, NY 11385

Freezer Maintenance

To add longevity to your freezers and reduce power consumption, annual maintenance is highly recommended.  Please consult the user manual for the recommended annual service or inquire with A&L Scientific who can perform this annual maintenance on site.  Departments and laboratories are encouraged to coordinate their annual freezer service schedules as A&L offers reduced pricing if multiple freezers are serviced at the same time.  Typical recommended maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning and organizing the boxes, shelves and racks and disposing of unnecessary samples.  Create a freezer inventory and map to reduce the time spent searching for samples.  Minimizing the time the door is open saves energy, reduces ice accumulation and ultimately adds life to the freezer.   
  • Clean excess ice buildup taking care not to damage the rubber seals and/or gaskets.  Ice buildup can make finding samples difficult and prevent the door from closing properly, and can even permanently damage the door.     
  • Verify that the ambient temperature is within the manufacturer specified range (this should be done at least monthly).  Contact facilities if temperature is out of range.    
  • Verify that the door latch is closing properly and firmly, and note any unusual noises or vibrations that could be coming from the compressor or condenser fan.  
  • Check alarm backup battery and replace if necessary   
  • Replace the air filter, clean the condenser compartment and wipe off the condenser. (make sure to closely follow user manual instructions or have A&L perform these services as improper maintenance techniques can damage the freezer)