Internal Funding Opportunities

Several Columbia schools, centers, and institutes provide internal funding opportunities, particularly for new investigators and collaborations.

VP&S Internal Funding Opportunities

The Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons offers several funding opportunities for researchers. Applications are managed on the InfoReady platform.

Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center provides early career and other awards to promote cancer research. Applications are managed on InfoReady.

Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

The Irving Institute offers pilot and other awards, with a particular focus on translational research and forming new partnerships between basic and clinical scientists.

The Office of Research Initiatives

The Columbia University Office of Research Initiatives maintains a list of:

  • Limited submission funding opportunities
  • Research Initiatives for Science and Engineering (RISE)
  • Collaborative Grants and Instrumentation Programs

Highlighted External Funding Opportunities

The VP&S Office for Research often receives invitations for our investigators to apply to external research funding opportunities. When these opportunities specifically target our researchers or request the Office for Research to nominate a specific candidate, they are posted online.