New Faculty Meet and Greets

The purpose of the new faculty meet and greets with the VP&S Office for Research is to welcome junior faculty to the medical school, orient them to the research resources available to them, and discuss their concerns with starting a wet lab or career in clinical and translational research at VP&S.


Types of Meet and Greets

Since the Fall of 2017, we have met with faculty in over five basic science departments, the Department of Medicine, the Department of Pathology & Cell Biology, as well as the Department of Otolaryngology.

Please vist the Lab Startup Guide to use as a reference for the offices and personnel to contact while you set-up your lab.

Schedule your one-on-one meeting with a member of the VP&S Office for Research today! Email the VP&S Office for Research.

Beginning in March 2020, Daichi Shimbo, MD, in his role as Associate Dean for Research Career Development, began offering office hours to clinical fellows as well as clinical and translational faculty interested in pursuing careers in research and related career development activities.

Office hours are typically held Thursdays and Fridays. 

Schedule your one-on-one meeting today by signing-up here using your cumc email address and log-in information!


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