New Service Highlights

10X Genomics

CSCI Flow Cytometry, in collaboration with the Single Cell Core (Columbia Genome Center), offers access to the 10X Genomics 3’ v3 or 5’ v2 scRNA-seq workflow on a self-use basis. After comprehensive training, users will be able to generate barcoded single-cell cDNA from isolated cells in the CSCI Flow Cytometry before submitting their samples to the Single Cell Analysis Core which will provide library construction, quality control, sequencing, and bioinformatics services.

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BSL-3 Facility

BSL-3 and ABSL-3 laboratory services are available to Columbia researchers on a fee-for-service basis. The facility offers services that can be performed by the core staff. Experimental systems requiring specialized expertise can be performed by small numbers of investigators who conduct their own research after being thoroughly trained and competency-assessed.

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Columbia University Biobank

The Columbia University Biobank (CUB) is creating a centralized resource to collect and disseminate biological specimens and health data for Columbia University investigators for use in biomedical research.

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A planned Physiology sub-core of the Mouse Neurobehavior Core will offer fee-for-service access to electrophysiological techniques that enable efficient and reliable functional characterization of neurons. Main functional assessments to be provided: Intrinsic excitability of neurons using conventional whole cell current clamp recording techniques to measure action potential firing and passive membrane properties, and synaptic activity using whole cell voltage clamp recording to measure electrically-evoked and spontaneous postsynaptic currents.

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The Biomarkers Laboratory exposomics platform facilitates the omics-scale analysis of environmental chemicals to characterize human exposomes for clinical, translational, and population studies. The framework is designed to capture a wide variety of environmental chemicals in an  untargeted fashion facilitating an integrable dataset for multi-omics.

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OpenSpecimen is a sample management system used to support multiple biobanking operations at CUIMC. OpenSpecimen is supported by a team of application specialists and can be customized to support the needs of new and existing biobanks.

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