Research Listservs

Faculty can sign up for listservs to receive listings of basic science seminars, calls for limited submissions, and NIH policy updates.

Basic Sciences Weekly Calendar

The Basic Sciences Weekly Calendar is maintained by the Office of Graduate Affairs and contains a listing of most seminars, thesis defenses, etc. for the basic science departments. You can sign up for a weekly email containing this listing.

Academic Affairs Listserv

The CUIMC Office of Academic Affairs sends out emails to announce career development events and other opportunities. Faculty members are automatically added to this email list.

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research Initiatives manages internal competitions for limited submission funding opportunities. Calls for applications are sent out as deadlines approach. Email [email protected] to request to be added to the limited submissions list and receive opportunity announcements via email.

NIH-Investigator Listserv

The Sponsored Projects Administration maintains a listserv to provide announcements regarding policy changes affecting NIH proposal preparation and submission, as well as funding opportunities and notices. Investigators who have received an NIH grant are automatically added to the listserve, but you can also subscribe manually.

VP&S Research Faculty Listserv

If you are faculty interested in using any of our services please make sure you are subscribed to our listserv and if you are not please email us at [email protected].

Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center Newsletter

The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Caner Center provides three newsletters about cancer research, cancer care, and the center's events and seminars. Choose which to sign up for here.