VP&S Grants Management Services

Available to PIs in select departments, the Grants Management Services work closely with PIs, SPA, and other central university offices to submit grant applications and manage awards.

The VP&S Grants Management Services (GMS) were established with the goal of sharing specialized services to create a better proposal and award management experience, and to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and investigators. The GMS teams work in partnership with select departments, centers and institutes to provide comprehensive administrative expertise and support throughout the grant lifecycle, from proposal preparation through award close out. The GMS teams have extensive knowledge and experience with many sponsors and a strong relationship with central university offices, Sponsored Project Administration and Sponsored Projects Finance.

Pre-award Services

The Pre-award Team assists faculty, postdocs, and students with proposal and progress report submissions. The team takes the lead in all activities leading to the Notice of Grant Award being released. Once an award is issued, project setup is handled by post-award personnel. Support provided by the Pre-award team includes:

  • Reviewing sponsor funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) to confirm eligibility and proposal requirements
  • Preparing grant and fellowship applications
  • Developing the budget and drafting budget justifications
  • Engaging with outside collaborators and establishing subcontracts
  • Assisting with writing administrative sections of grants including letters of support, biographical sketches, facilities and resources, and more
  • Routing and securing institutional approval, endorsements, and signatures
  • Preparing Just-in-Time (JIT) requests
  • Assisting PIs with annual progress report preparation

Post-award Services

The Post-award team assists investigators with financial components of managing grants and other funding in a PI’s portfolio. The team’s manager and analysts prepare easily digestible financial reports and meet regularly with PIs and departmental administrative personnel to facilitate financial monitoring and planning. The team also assists departments with matters of financial compliance on sponsored projects. Support provided by Post-award Team includes:

  • Preparing monthly PI portfolio reports
  • Reviewing expenditures for allowability, allocability, reasonableness, and compliance with University and sponsor policies and guidelines
  • Facilitating collection of quarterly expense attestations
  • Assisting with annual effort certification process
  • Tracking labor schedules and effort commitment for PIs and their personnel
  • Supporting financial activities related to the final close out of a sponsored project
  • Establishing sub-award agreements and monitor sub-award expenditures
  • Assisting PIs with communications to sponsor including no-cost extensions, carry-over of funds and prior approval requests
  • Ensuring compliance with all sponsor, federal, and University policies and guidelines

Contact Us

The Grants Management Services have a range of pre-award and post-award support available to VP&S departments, centers and institutes. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Anna Cetnerowski, Senior Director
Grants Management Services
[email protected]