iLab for Clinical Coordinators, Lab Staff, and Students

Clinical coordinators, lab staff, and students can encounter some unusual issues with iLab, since they may be placing orders for multiple labs. We have created this guide to address some frequently encountered scenarios.

How to join a new lab

  • This issue may come up if you are already registered in iLab under one lab, and need to join an additional lab to place orders for a different PI

You cannot initiate a request to join a new lab yourself. You must either submit a support ticket to iLab requesting to be added to the PI's lab (which will then require the PI's approval), or ask the PI (or a designated lab manager) to follow the steps below:

  1. The PI (or a lab manager designated in iLab) must log into iLab using their UNI and password. The PI/manager should then:
  2. Click on icon in the upper left corner to open the iLab menu.
  3. Click on "My Groups".
  4. Click on the lab (if necessary) under "My Groups".
  5. Click on the members tab (if necessary).
  6. Click on the "Link existing user" button at the end of the page (see image below).
  7. In the "Invite additional members to this group" box, type the name of the CRC. A drop-down box should appear after you begin typing with suggestions.
  8. Choose the CRC from the dropdown.
  9. Click "Invite".
  10. Click on the "Membership Requests & Chartstrings" tab.
  11. In the grid that appears, click the checkbox that corresponds to the CRC name and the chartstring the CRC should use for your studies.

How to place an order for a lab as the main contact (instead of "on behalf of" a PI)

  • This is particularly pertinent for the PET core
  • This applies only when the coordinator is a member of multiple labs
  • Placing an order as the primary contact, rather than "on behalf of" the PI allows for easier communication between the core and the coordinator

1. Before beginning, ensure that you are a member of the lab you wish to place an order for, and have access to the chartstring you wish to use.

2. Click on the study you wish to place an order for.

3. You will be asked to choose the person you are submitting the request as. Select your own name at this step, not the name of the PI.

4. A new dropdown will appear asking which lab you wish to submit under. Choose the appropriate lab, and continue with the request.

What do you do if you don't have access to the correct chart string for payment?

Please contact your PI or Lab manager and have them assign the chart string to you in their iLab account following the steps outlined in the guide for Principal Investigators and Lab Managers.  If your PI or Lab Manager does not have access to the chart string to assign it to you, please have them follow the steps at the bottom of the guide to ensure they have access to it.